Unicornicopia provides quality custom jewelry for Pagan Festivals, Renaissance Faires and fantasy events.
All our pieces are made of genuine stones, horn, bone, natural crystal,  Austrian Crystal and Pearls. We also have many hand designed and hand finished Custom Metal pieces.
We have a wide variety of hand designed pieces.
We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the customer with the finest quality and uniquely magnificent jewelry on the internet.

We also have a multitude of one of a kind Sterling Silver necklaces of which you can choose from at our shows, or ask about them via e-mail.

We can also work with you to design a special piece just for you.

All the stone jewelry you will find throughout this site are unique.  Because each piece is made of genuine stone, each individual piece may be different in shape, color and detail. This makes each piece even more unique and beautiful, giving the custom made feel to each piece.

We also carry a large number of Sterling Silver Charms.

Please note all stones used in the items that we make are hand picked and sought after for their own metaphysical personality. We have many items that are not on this site. Therefore, if you do not see something in the catalog, it does not mean we do not have it or can not search for it on your behalf. We are located centrally in San Diego, California.

Please see our Events to see where we will be coming next!


Dianna, Owner & Designer

Thank You,
Dianna Clark
Owner : Unicornicopia